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            Counseling hotline:400-821-7201

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            Tel : 0551-65326530
            Hotline : 400-821-7201
            Email : market@jinhandz.com
            Address :No.3 Tianzhi Road, High-tech Zone, Hefei, Anhui Tongchuang Science and Technology Park

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                 Hefei Jinhan Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company dedicated to hand-held oscilloscope and other control system and LED control card development. It is a professional company integrating R & D, production and sales control system. The company has a long engaged in intelligent control system research and development of high-quality team, with professional knowledge and skills. I adhere to the integrity of the company-based, quality to win the operating principles, will be honest character, stable performance, reliable quality, leading the technical level, innovative high-quality products for the majority of customer service. Let us work together to develop new areas of control system applications!

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